Decoding the Future

Episode 8


Nicole Odom

HR Strategic Procurement Solutions

Explore the intricate world of talent acquisition in this engaging episode featuring Denise Chaffin and Nicole Odom, President of HR Strategic Procurement Solutions. From strategic sourcing specialists to AI integration, vendor selection, and the evolving landscape of recruitment services, the discussion dives deep into the dynamics shaping the future of HR & Talent Acquisition. Uncover the complexities of retained search, contingency hiring, and the strategic considerations for building the workforce of tomorrow.

Key Episode Segments:

  1. “Unveiling the Strategic Sourcing Specialist”
    Discover the crucial role of a strategic sourcing specialist in aligning HR and talent acquisition with the right suppliers. Nicole Odom shares insights into her role as the “middle person,” connecting organizational needs with supplier support, and explores a holistic approach for strategic impact.
  2. “Navigating AI Integration and Vendor Selection”
    Delve into the impact of AI on vendor selection, exploring tailored inquiries, and considerations for cybersecurity. From third-party systems to ensuring integration integrity, uncover the considerations and challenges in selecting vendors, especially in the dynamic landscape of AI integration.
  3. “Agencies and the Evolution of Recruitment Services”
    Explore the changing role of agencies in talent acquisition, from brokers to the evolution of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and the emergence of Recruitment as a Service (RaaS). Understand the factors influencing the number of agencies and the continued demand for external help in diverse hiring scenarios.
  4. “Retained Search, Contingency, and the Future of Talent Acquisition”
    Uncover the ongoing relevance of retained search, the intricacies of contingency hiring, and potential shifts in hiring approaches post-layoffs. Nicole Odom provides insights into compliance challenges, building internal MSPs for contingent workers, and the critical relationship-driven nature of executive-level recruitment.

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