Embracing Diversity

Episode 7


Marisa Bingham

Associate Vice President North American Hiring
Ztek Consulting

In this engaging podcast episode, Denise and Marisa explore the crucial dimensions of diversity within the workplace. From insightful discussions on employer resource groups to navigating the complexities of age and technology in the workforce, the hosts provide valuable perspectives on fostering an inclusive and harmonious workplace culture.

Key Highlights:

  • Understanding the role of employer resource groups in creating a sense of belonging for diverse employees.
  • Navigating the challenge of fitting into a specific space within an organization, regardless of its size.
  • Insights into starting employee resource groups in small companies and addressing disparities in larger organizations.
  • Exploring the dynamics of the different communities in the workplace and the importance of resource groups for support.
  • Candid conversations about age diversity, embracing technology, and bridging the generational gap in the modern workforce.
  • The ripple effect of diversity in boardrooms, emphasizing the impact of balanced boards on organizational decisions.

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