Client Executive Hired for Inclusion and Diversity

Case Study:

Executive Search

Industry Focus: Semiconductor

A world-class leader in the semiconductor industry, needed to hire a new Senior Director of Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) for their Human Resources Leadership Team.

The professional hired for the I&D position oversees the development and implementations of I&D programs and services internally for the client’s family of employees and contractors; and externally to domestic and global communities that extend beyond client’s business. The person hired for the I&D role is positioned within a strong, values-based culture with an emphasis on enriching company values.

After the I&D position had been open for over a year, the client reached out to Top Source Talent to partner and support this critical search. Working together with the Head of Employee Relations, Engagement, and I&D, Top Source Talent was able to assess the search challenges and recommend solutions that allowed them to identify a candidate who was hired for the Senior Director of Inclusion and Diversity position within a one-month period.

Solution Highlights

  • Carefully reviewed search challenges and provided an in-depth strategy for effective recruitment.
  • Worked with Hiring Manager on a new recruitment strategy that provided immediate success.
  • Conducted an in-depth search utilizing collaborative strategy to source

 The Opportunity

Employees are a company’s greatest asset, however without great leadership, your company can get off track and lose direction. In today’s competitive and ever-changing workforce, companies rely on high-quality, effective leadership to guide them into tomorrow. Bad leadership tops of the list of ‘why employees resign’.

Using an unparalleled collaborative alliance, Top Source Talent works as your external partner, dedicated to perfecting your vision and solving your challenging search needs. Our cost-effective approach saves you time and resources so you can focus on building a stronger and better business.

The Client came to Top Source Talent looking to fill a core position that aligned with their culture and commitment to success, that required a customized non-traditional search to find their ideal candidate.

Top Source Talent was able to deliver and find the ideal candidate in a fraction of the time the search had taken previous to Top Source Talent’s client partnership. The client was immeasurably satisfied with the results of the Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) executive search; and still partners with Top Source Talent on other challenging hires.


This Top Source Talent semiconductor industry client is crucial to the world’s leading semiconductor companies (i.e. Intel, Samsung, Toshiba). Like many successful companies, this client recognizes company success as more than the products you make; they also acknowledge the level of service you provide and values honored.

This client trusted Top Source Talent to fill a vital leadership role that would significantly advance their HR organization, and extend essential I&D principals to the entire company.


Talent Assessment and Consulting – Top Source Talent’s vast experience leading candidate searches and participating in qualifying interviews, allows our team to assess and recommend customized search strategies that drive success and timely hires.

Comprehensive Searches – Top Source Talent knows that most positions require more research and pursuit than just posting a Position Description on your website. After assessing a specific search, Top Source Talent employs custom search strategies, including non-traditional channels, for identifying the ideal candidate.


Acquisition Performance – Long-term expertise in the Recruitment Industry, as well as knowledge and utilization of key resources and industry tools.

Note: Top Source Talent was able to provide swift results for their client increasing the hiring cycle time 766%, compared to the time it would take the company to perform the work internally.

Cost Savings & Efficiency – Top Source Talent uses a collaborative team approach to complete high-volume and hard-to-fill searches using an expeditious and efficient process. The Top Source Talent sourcing and recruitment process allows our clients to focus their energy on innovation and productivity.

Non-Traditional Sourcing –Top Source Talent recognized immediately the need for a unique approach and customized search strategy for the I&D executive position. In a “life imitates art” moment we reevaluated the position qualifications and skills, and expanded our search beyond the semiconductor industry and found the ideal candidate working for a cosmetic firm.