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Navigate to the upper right hand section of this website and register/login, then browse jobs.  When you find a job you want to apply for you simply click “apply” and follow the screen from there.

We specialize in the High Technology sectors: Medical Device, Semiconductor, Renewable Energy, Internet of Things, Data Center, Department of Defense (DoD).

No, we work Globally. We have many U.S. based companies with global outreach, so our searches take us to Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico and South America.

We use our own Tracking Database that was started in 2008 by Denise Chaffin, owner and president of Top Source Talent.  The Tracking Database was migrated to Tracker RMS in 2013.

We have employees who are affiliated with universities, so have access to professional sites linked to the universities.

Top Source Talent has access to multiple trade association sites, and utilizes diversity sites such as SWE, NSBE and SHPE to find specialized profiles.

We have access to over 12 military and government websites for identifying and contacting people with government clearances.

  1. We also use current sourcing websites like Indeed, and Linked In as needed.

Simply register and click on “profile” to upload your picture and personal details.

Below where you login there is a link that says “forget password”.  Simply click that link and follow the instructions.

Please ensure you are using the correct file format.  PDF, Word etc… If you are unable to post your resume despite all efforts, you can always manually email it to


Yes, after you log in, go to your profile and update it there.

All job posting go through our job manager before posted on the website.  Once your posting has been reviewed and approved, it will be posted.

Contact us via e-mail or phone and we will help you delete your account.


If you need any support with posting jobs, or applying for jobs, please call or email us.  We will either be available right away, or will be in touch in the near future.

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