First Time Executive Hire in Washington, DC During Election Cycle

Case Study:

Talent Advisory & Consulting

Industry Focus: Data Center | REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust)

A multinational company and global leader in the data center industry, was seeking a first time hire in Washington, DC. The role was Senior Public Policy Director for their Legal Department.

The professional hired is responsible for developing and maintaining close, collaborative relationships with government officials on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., who are involved with creating federal public policies around cyber- security and cyber-protection for the Data Center market in the U.S. and abroad. This role includes working with lobbyists and U.S. policy makers for the creation of new regulations and laws that will extend globally for the protection of data.

Aside from the fact this position was a first-time hire, Top Source Talent was asked to lead the search during a presidential election cycle. We worked closely with the client and advised them on strategy for identifying the right skills and
cultural fit needed for this high-profile position. We created a resolute blueprint to identify impartial, qualified candidates based on their skill, network and tenure in Washington D.C.

Important Factor: The employment status of potential candidates at the time was also a factor, as several of their positions would be affected by the outcome of the election.

Solution Highlights

  • Client consultation for a first-time hire
  • Created a diverse pipeline of candidates around uncertain market challenges
  • Fine-tuned the search post-election outcome

 The Opportunity

Landing the perfect candidate in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive market is no easy task. Your next hire can be the spark that ignites your business success and takes your organization to the next level.

The Top Source Talent team is adept at providing clients with professional talent assessment and consulting, in order to pin-point key challenges and strategic solutions to eliminate the guesswork.

A Top Source Talent client requested an executive search to identify top candidates for a new position in Washington D.C. responsible for creating new U.S. regulations and policies specific to cyber-security and protection for the global Data Center industry.

Through proper planning and execution, Top Source Talent was able to create a broad pipeline of candidates based on the outcome of a U.S. election. Post-election, Top Source Talent was able to narrow the search and provide the ideal candidate for the position. The candidate was hired and started working within three months of the start of the search. This client has entrusted Top Source Talent with their most challenging searches since 2014.


As a long-time Top Source Talent client, this Data Center company is a vital example of how businesses around the world adapt to change. Companies are now leveraging digital ecosystems to enhance value and build growth after the global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic transferred key resources to virtual environments.

Top Source Talent accepted a challenging client search during a presidential election cycle to build a strategic candidate pipeline for a new position that would create and establish public policies around cyber-security measures for the Data Center industry.

Identifying top candidates from a $150+ billion-dollar industry for the Data Center market was not an easy task. What made this search more challenging was identifying and recruiting key candidates in Washington D.C. whose
roles at the time were uncertain and dependent on the outcome of the presidential election.


Talent Assessment and Consulting – Top Source Talent’s vast experience leading candidate searches and participating in qualifying interviews, allows our team to assess and recommend customized search strategies that drive success and timely hires.

Comprehensive Searches – Top Source Talent knows that most positions require more research and pursuit than just posting a Position Description on your website. After assessing a specific search, Top Source Talent employs custom search strategies, including non-traditional channels, for identifying the ideal candidate.


First Time Hire – Top Source Talent has recruited and hired for thousands of positions. We leverage our previous experiences for current client searches in order to expand organizations in new directions they have not yet

Talent Pipelining – Using our vast network and experience to create a unique talent pipeline for a challenging search, we were able recruit qualified candidates for a position that offered a new set of challenges.

Talent Assessment – Leveraging a new portfolio of qualified candidates, we were able to use our proven skills to assess the talent, narrow the search, and hire the best qualified candidate.

“Great to work with. Very reliable and has proven success with our company time and time again. Top Source Talent is well networked and knows the business well. I would highly recommend [Top Source Talent] for recruitment.”

– Client