Gen Z in the Workforce: Bridging Aspirations and Realities

Episode 17


Zech Dahms

achieve Engagement, Community & Culture Program Director

In this compelling episode, host Denise Chaffin converses with Zach Dahms from achieve Engagement, who shares his insights about Gen Z and his experience from the Transform 2024 conference. They dive into the complexities of engaging Gen Z in the workplace, highlighting their unique expectations for professional growth, mentorship, and social responsibility. The episode explores the impact of technology on Gen Z’s outlook, the challenges of transitioning roles, managing toxic employees, and effective talent development initiatives. Additionally, it discusses the dual-edged nature of AI and automation, the rise of mental health issues, and the evolving focus on DEI initiatives. The conversation concludes with a look at achieve Engagement’s global HR community and the resources available for HR leaders to navigate these challenges.

Key Episode Segments:

  1. Gen Z’s Workplace Expectations: Professional development, strong relationships, and social responsibility are paramount for Gen Z.
  2. Transitioning Roles and Toxic Employees: Adapting to new management and addressing toxic employees are critical for a positive work environment.
  3. Talent Development and Performance Management: Clear communication, realistic goal-setting, and patience are essential for career progression.
  4. Impact of AI and Automation: While boosting productivity, AI and automation have increased stress and mental health challenges.
  5. Evolving DEI Initiatives: Economic constraints and political cycles influence the focus and investment in DEI programs.

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