Ghosting Unmasked: How Transparency Reshapes Recruitment

Episode 19


Serge Boudreau

The Recruitment Flex Podcast


Shelley Billinghurst

The Recruitment Flex Podcast

In this insightful episode, Denise Chaffin hosts Serge Boudreau and Shelley Billinghurst from the Recruitment Flex podcast to discuss the evolving landscape of recruitment. The conversation begins with an introduction to the guests and an overview of their podcast, which offers practical advice and updates on recruitment best practices. Serge and Shelley share their diverse career journeys, emphasizing the importance of process and adaptability in recruitment.

The episode delves into the challenges of modern recruitment, highlighting the explosion of job applications due to technological advancements. The speakers stress the need for effective candidate relationship management and the impact of proper rejection processes on brand reputation. They explore the generational shift in job market dynamics and the shortcomings of current Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

A significant portion of the discussion addresses ghosting in recruitment, with practical solutions to mitigate the issue. The hosts advocate for honesty, transparency, and training for hiring managers to improve candidate experiences. The segment also explores the nuances of HR practices in the Asia-Pacific region, emphasizing the need for a clear separation between administrative HR functions and strategic roles like talent acquisition.

Listeners will gain valuable insights into the importance of strategic HR, the benefits of effective communication, and the critical role of technology in shaping the future of recruitment. This episode is a must-listen for HR professionals and organizational leaders looking to enhance their recruitment strategies and foster better internal collaboration.

Key Points:

  • The Explosion in Job Applications: Technological advancements have dramatically increased the number of job applications, making it essential for companies to leverage technology effectively to manage this influx and maintain candidate relationships.
  • Impact of Proper Candidate Rejection: Personalized rejection messages can leave a positive impression on candidates, impacting the company’s brand and reputation positively.
  • Generational Shift in Job Market Dynamics: Millennials and Gen Z are more vocal about their job experiences, highlighting the need for employers to build trust and maintain transparency.
  • Addressing Ghosting in Recruitment: Practical strategies such as honesty, visualization of commitment, and effective pre-boarding practices can significantly reduce ghosting incidents.
  • Separation of HR Functions: There is a critical need to separate administrative HR tasks from strategic roles like talent acquisition, talent management, and learning and development to enhance organizational

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