Goal! Scoring Recruitment Secrets

Episode 12

Eliud Jimenez


Eliud Jimenez

Vice President Human Resources
FC Dallas

In this episode of the podcast we have a captivating conversation with Eliud Jimenez, VP of Human Resources for FC Dallas. Eliud shares his wealth of experience in talent acquisition and his journey within the sports industry. The discussion covers various topics, including recruitment strategies, career paths in sports management, the impact of TV series like “Ted Lasso,” and the importance of diversity in hiring. Listeners gain valuable insights into the multifaceted nature of talent acquisition in professional sports organizations and the diverse career opportunities available within the industry.

Key Episode Segments:

  1. Career progression within the sports industry, with examples of successful transitions from entry-level positions to higher roles.
  2. The influence of popular TV series like “Ted Lasso” on soccer culture and audience engagement.
  3. Effective recruiting strategies, including leveraging community events, chambers of commerce, and university platforms.
  4. The role of chambers of commerce in advertising job openings and their cost-effectiveness.
  5. Innovative recruiting approaches such as sponsoring community events and providing branded merchandise.
  6. Insights into game day staffing, work-life balance, and salary ranges in the sports industry.
  7. Tips on resume building and entering the sports industry, emphasizing dedication and commitment.

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