Harmonizing Humanity and Technology: Elevating Candidate Experience

Episode 16


Mike Seidle

Chief Technology Officer
& Co-Founder


David Bernstein

Executive Vice President
Development & Strategy

In this enlightening episode, Denise Chaffin, David Bernstein, and Mike Seidle explore the intricate world of talent acquisition, focusing on the vital interplay between recruiter efficiency and candidate experience. The trio delves deep into the complexities of the recruitment process.

David Bernstein, a veteran in the field, emphasizes the critical role recruiting plays in business strategy and the widespread misconceptions about what drives effective recruiting. Bernstein points out that many existing solutions only address fragments of the process, often leading to more complexity rather than resolving core issues.

Mike Seidel, CTO & Co-Founder of PivotCX, discusses his mission to enhance both recruiter and candidate experiences through innovative technology. He stresses the need to tackle foundational problems to boost efficiency and satisfaction on both sides of the recruitment equation.

The conversation navigates through the psychological challenges recruiters face, likening them to parenting where immediate tasks overshadow long-term goals. Denise Chaffin reflects on her varied experiences in corporate recruiting, noting how roles have become more specialized over time. The trio addresses the issue of “toggle fatigue” due to multiple systems and the need for integrated solutions to streamline recruiting efforts.

Further segments explore recruiter turnover, comparing the role to sales while highlighting unique challenges. The discussion underscores the importance of relationship-building and efficient processes, with an emphasis on technology’s role in managing high volumes of interactions.

The conversation wraps up with a focus on creating exceptional candidate experiences. Fairness and communication emerge as critical factors, with modern tools like text messaging being highlighted for their immediacy and effectiveness. The speakers advocate for a comprehensive approach to recruitment, combining better software, streamlined processes, and strategic support to reduce burnout and enhance outcomes.

This episode offers a wealth of insights for anyone in the talent acquisition field, emphasizing the need for efficiency, integration, and a human touch to drive successful recruitment.

Key Episode Segments:

  • The Role of Technology in Recruitment: Emphasizing the need for integrated systems to reduce recruiter workload and improve candidate experience.
  • Recruiter Turnover and Career Paths: Highlighting the transient nature of recruiter roles and comparing recruitment to sales.
  • Candidate Decision-Making: Discussing the psychological pressures candidates face, with 90% accepting the first job offer they receive.
  • Fairness and Communication: Stressing the importance of treating candidates fairly and maintaining clear, ongoing communication.
  • Addressing Recruiter Burnout: Advocating for manageable workloads and comprehensive solutions to improve recruitment efficiency and reduce turnover.

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