Hire Humans

Episode 5


Craig Fisher

Author, Hiring Humans
Talent Acquisition Leader, TalentNet Media

In this enlightening podcast, we dive into the dynamic world of talent acquisition with two industry experts, Denise Chaffin, President of TAP Source Talent, and Craig Fisher, President of Talent Net Live AECOM and author of “Hiring Humans.” Together, they explore the impact of AI in recruiting while underlining the irreplaceable value of human connections.

The conversation starts by acknowledging the benefits of AI in streamlining recruitment processes but firmly emphasizes that, despite the rise of technology, people still prefer working with people. AI is a tool, not a substitute for the recruiter’s role.

The discussion takes an exciting turn with real-world examples. First, a tale from Ross Dress for Less reveals how creative and unconventional thinking can be a game-changer in challenging recruitment situations. From bus stop ads to QR codes on restaurant menus, it’s a story of innovation that inspires recruiters to think outside the box.

Diving deeper, the hosts discuss strategies for recruiting positions not typically found on LinkedIn. Drawing from their experiences with JCPenney, they highlight the importance of employee advocacy, transparency, and the potent impact of employee referrals in the recruiting process.

The podcast also sheds light on building strong employee communities. A fascinating example from K Technologies showcases how a pet benefits program led to a sense of belonging and community among employees.

Recognition and employee engagement are at the core of the next segment. Stories from Toyota and C-A Technologies illustrate how showcasing company culture and creating fun initiatives, like “Refer a Friend Day,” can turn recruitment into an engaging experience for both employees and job seekers.

The conversation continues with valuable insights into content creation and engagement. The “5 to 1” content ratio is shared, emphasizing the importance of providing value and building trust in the digital space. The hosts also discuss empathy mapping, a powerful tool to better understand and target potential candidates in recruiting efforts.

When it comes to personal branding and visibility, the podcast offers practical advice. “Keyword stacking” is introduced, showing how optimizing your online profiles with relevant keywords can improve your online presence.

The episode wraps up with a critical discussion on crafting unbiased job descriptions and the value of making them engaging and attractive to diverse candidates.

But the podcast doesn’t stop there. It takes a surprising turn with the ingenious use of Foursquare for recruiting. The story of becoming the mayor of a Starbucks to turn check-ins into recruitment opportunities demonstrates the power of creative thinking in talent acquisition.

Whether you’re a seasoned recruiter or just starting in the field, this podcast offers a treasure trove of insights, from understanding the human element in recruitment to innovative strategies that could change the game for your hiring process.

Join us in this enlightening journey through the world of talent acquisition. After listening, you’ll want to bookmark this episode for future reference in your recruiting career. Don’t miss out on these valuable stories, tips, and strategies that could be your secret to success.

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