Human and AI in Recruiting

Pivot to First Podcast

Denise Chaffin

What is better then hiring the perfect candidate?


In this conversation, Mike Seidle and Denise Chaffin discuss the evolution of the recruiting industry and the rise of Recruitment as a Service (RAS). They explore the benefits and differences between RAS and traditional recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). The conversation also delves into the impact of AI on recruiting, including the use of AI tools for resume writing and the challenges of bias and compliance. They discuss the need for more comprehensive assessments of AI tools and platforms and the importance of trial periods to evaluate their effectiveness. The conversation explores various topics related to recruiting tools and the role of AI in the industry. It discusses the importance of trial periods and contracts, building trust in software, and the overwhelming number of tools available. The effectiveness of tools, the role of AI in recruiting, and the potential for bias in pattern recognition are also examined. The conversation emphasizes the human-centric nature of recruiting and the opportunities that arise in the field. It concludes with a discussion on developing a community for recruiters and the impactful book ‘Never Split the Difference’ and Denise’s favorite movie ‘The Wizard of Oz.

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