Leadership role in cutting edge sustainable Biosciences Lab

Case Study:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Industry Focus: Biotechnology

A Biosciences company that creates health/wellness, cosmetics, and flavors (zero calorie sweetener) needed to find an Associate Director for their Fermentation Lab operations with technical knowledge in fermentation and leadership skills to lead a team of scientists.

Fermentation is at the core of this client’s business.  They believe highly-engineered organisms and sustainably sourced sugarcane can help solve world problems and support a healthier planet. They use their technology to create products that support biopharmaceutical drug discovery and production, from cosmetic emollients and fragrances, to fuels, solvents, lubricants, and nutraceuticals.

Top Source Talent worked with the client’s Hiring Team and Talent Acquisition (TA) organization to identify candidates for this role and were able to recruit and hire the top candidate for the organization.

Solution Highlights

  • Partnered with the client to strategically review the key qualifications for the position
  • Create a framework of key resources for identifying top candidates.
  • Implemented a multi-step recruitment process utilized for hard-to-fill searches

 The Opportunity

Top Source Talent (TST) understands that Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) continues to evolve as new technologies and ever-changing workforces increase the demand for sustainable employee solutions. The success and growth of a client’s organization depends on the quality of the talent that you hire today.

The Client came to TST seeking candidates for a hard-to-fill and vital position for a specialized role that requires in-depth research and an exhaustive, thorough production lifecycle.

  • TST not only filled the position but did it promptly and efficiently.


This TST bioscience company’s products span multiple product industries. Finding the highly-skilled talent to fill the needs of this company is vital for their operations. We partner with various department hiring teams and internal Talent Acquisition professionals to provide the instrumental services and resources needed for completing the task expeditiously and efficiently.


In-depth engagement and search skills – TST’s comprehensive consultation and advisory services provide our clients with assurance that our team understands the company’s business, products and culture. TST has expertise in identifying the skills of ideal candidates that meet the qualifications for specific roles, and the experience needed to get the position filled promptly.

Utilization of a multi-step recruitment process – With over 150 years combined of professional experience, Top Source Talent has developed a propriety recruitment process strategically designed for hard-to-fill positions.


Acquisition Performance – Long-term expertise in the Recruitment Industry; knowledge and utilization of key resources and industry tools; and expeditious results for the client.

Cost Savings & Efficiency – Top Source Talent uses a collaborative team approach for high volume and hard-to-fill searches using an expeditious and efficient process.  This process allowed our client to focus energy on innovation and productivity versus time spent seeking top talent.

Candidate Screening – Implementing a proprietary process we were able to use qualification markers to narrow the candidate pipeline to top applicants with the precise skills for the role.