Medical Device

The Medical Device industry includes almost

2 Million Jobs in the U.S.

including both direct & indirect employment

The medical device industry develops and manufactures countless products— ranging from surgical gloves to artificial joints to imaging equipment. The medical device industry plays a crucial role in developing new medical technologies that can improve the ability to diagnose and treat illness. The industry has a relatively small number of large, diversified companies and a large number of smaller companies that are primarily engaged in research and development of new devices for specific therapeutic areas.

The medical device industry has a leading-edge reputation for new product innovation, and post-market modifications to existing products. Extensive work with physicians and health-care leaders keep this industry at the forefront of life-saving technology.

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Medical devices get smaller yet the market gets bigger.

In 2019 the revenue from the top 10 U.S. medical device companies surpassed $162 billion.. The medical device industry is expected to grow at an expected rate of 5.6% CAGR until 2024.

In addition to advances in medical device technology, the number of patients using and wearing medical devices is also increasing. The aging population, driven by declining fertility rates and increasing life expectancy, represents a major demand driver for medical devices.  The U.S. elderly population (persons aged 65 and above) totaled 49 million in 2016 (15% of the population).   The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that the elderly will roughly double by 2060 to 95 million, representing 23% of the total population.

With all this growth and change, is the successive increase in hiring and skills needed to advance the medical device industry. FORBES calls the medical device market a: “A disruptive market of $410 billion until 2023… Software plays a big part in this shift as a differentiator in medical devices as well as the manufacturing of portable devices used by the end user.”

Here are some areas of focus that are contributing to growth

5G Technology

As is the case for other industries, the use of medical devices in healthcare often requires high-speed networks for optimal speed. Subsequently, 5G (fifth generation) wireless technology can provide the level of speed needed for optimum performance.

Internet of Medical Things

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is a variety of applications and medical devices used for the purpose of connecting IT systems in healthcare. It’s essentially a way of communicating between computers utilizing WiFi. IoMT also analyzes data that’s shared, which enables healthcare providers to make sound decisions.

Device Connectivity

Software as a medical device (SaMD) is software that’s being used to improve medical device connectivity. For instance, it can help patients feel more empowered by providing them with information about their medical history that can be used to better manage their health care.

Cyber Security

As engineers and scientists make advancements with medical devices so do the cyber-security hackers. These cyber-pirates create maneuvers that exploit new technology. Cyber-terrorism is rampant and alarming.  Cyber-threats dictate the need for enhanced cybersecurity measures, and must be a priority in all areas of healthcare, including medical devices.

LinkedIn data shows an 18% increase in cybersecurity technology hiring for security related positions in the medical device industry over the last twelve months.

“The [Top Source Talent] team did a great job identifying top talent for very difficult to fill roles. They kept us informed of progress and provided detailed information regarding the candidates identified. We have been able to make a couple of hires through their efforts.”

– Medtronic / Santa Rosa, CA

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– Medtronic / Tempe, AZ

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