Merging U.S. & Asia Pacific (APAC) Hiring for the Semiconductor Industry

CHIPS & Science Act

Tug-Of-War: Remote vs. On-Site

As the new CHIPS & Science Act rolls forward, it’s rumored the semiconductor industry will increase its workforce by 50%.

Many APAC based semiconductor companies are expanding offices, facilities and manufacturing sites here in the U.S. for the first time. Some will be smaller industry related companies that sell products and services to the larger chip manufacturers and capital equipment companies.

According to an article published in Fierce Electronics (Aug 22-23 edition), “there are currently about 102,000 semiconductor and circuit manufacturing employees in the U.S. New chip plants will each require thousands of workers.”

Partnering with U.S. and APAC Companies

Top Source Talent, LLC, a Phoenix AZ based, woman-owned RPO and retained search firm that specializes in semiconductor recruitment is partnering with several U.S. and APAC semiconductor companies, including businesses that sell materials and supplies to the semiconductor industry.

Several Top Source Talent recruiters currently supporting semiconductor companies based in APAC and the U.S. have noted distinct recruitment and hiring differences between the two regions that could create issues for the APAC based companies once they start hiring in the U.S.

For example, Top Source Talent recruiters observed longer recruitment and interview cycles for APAC based companies than with U.S. semiconductor companies.

Semiconductor companies with operations in the U.S. have learned to shorten recruitment and interview cycles in order to hire top talent and maintain sufficient candidate pipelines.

APAC based companies typically pay lower salaries in non-U.S. regions, so U.S. salaries and compensation packages seem daunting for some companies expanding to the U.S. However, as competition for talent increases, salaries and compensation packages will be a key factor in hiring skilled professionals.

Also, APAC compensation packages may have different components than U.S. compensation. Some APAC companies offer retention bonuses instead of annual bonuses, like we see in the U.S. Unless the base salary is leveled competitively, a retention bonus is not as enticing as an overall target bonus that is paid annually.

Another hiring difference noted by Top Source Talent recruiting specialists is work environment options. Some APAC based companies have stricter onsite work policies. With tighter security measures that restrict hybrid or remote work-from-home options, U.S. candidate pipelines could decrease for these APAC based companies.

Employees Adapted.

A number of Top Source Talent recruiters have suggested we find ways to help the APAC companies embrace U.S. cultural practices so they have a stronger competitive edge hiring in the U.S.

As we merge with APAC companies here in the U.S., let’s support their integration with best practices that will contribute to successful recruitment and hiring for everyone.

Experience the Difference

The benefits of contracting with Top Source Talent for your talent acquisition recruitment and hiring needs frequently surpass the tactical requirements of hiring regular full-time employees.

The decision to hire an employee or contractor is ultimately determined by the objectives of your company.

Reach out to us today, contact us at directly at 970-562-4891.

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