Navigating the Talent Acquisition Cross Roads

Episode 10


Gerry Crispin

Principal & Co-Founder

In this episode, Denise Chaffin engages in a riveting conversation with Gerry Crispin, the founder of CareerXroads, delving into the evolution of talent acquisition and HR practices. Gerry shares insights from his extensive experience, tracing the inception of CareerXroads to its transformation into a vibrant community for TA & HR professionals. They explore the impact of technology on recruitment, emphasizing the need for adaptable strategies and a focus on candidate experience. The discussion spans topics such as digital interviews, workforce flexibility, and the changing dynamics of candidate expectations. Moreover, the episode highlights the value of collaborative training, networking events, and open dialogue within professional communities, underscoring the importance of continuous learning and relationship-building in the field of HR.

Key Episode Segments:

  • Co-Founding CareerXroads: Gerry Crispin established CareerXroads over 30 years ago, pioneering community-driven platforms for HR professionals.
  • Evolution of Recruitment: The episode traces the evolution of recruitment practices from manual resume sorting to AI-powered candidate engagement.
  • Community Collaboration: CareerXroads serves as a vital hub for TA & HR leaders, offering a platform for sharing best practices and innovations in talent acquisition.
  • Focus on Candidate Experience: Gerry emphasizes the importance of prioritizing candidate experience and leveraging technology to enhance recruitment strategies.
  • Future Trends: The discussion explores future trends in TA & HR, including the rise of AI-driven recruitment tools, remote work dynamics, and the changing expectations of candidates.

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