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Episode 6


Jeff Harry

Positive Psychology Play Coach, Workplace Consultant
Rediscover Your Play

In this engaging podcast conversation, Denise sits down with Jeff Harry from Rediscover Your Play. Jeff’s company has a fascinating mission: using play and positive psychology to revolutionize the workplace. Rediscover Your Play aims to make work a source of joy, combating the disengagement and stress often found in the modern workplace.

Jeff identifies three critical issues plaguing workplaces today:

  1. Retention and Turnover: Disengaged employees lead to high turnover rates. Rediscover Your Play offers innovative solutions to address this common challenge.
  2. Burnout: The aftermath of the pandemic has exacerbated burnout issues, with employees often juggling multiple roles. Rediscover Your Play provides strategies to prevent and overcome burnout.
  3. Generational Gap and AI Integration: Bridging the generational gap in the workplace, compounded by AI integration, is no small feat. Rediscover Your Play tackles this complex issue head-on.

Rediscover Your Play collaborates with corporations and universities to transform workplace cultures, addressing challenges like toxicity, leadership issues, and the difficulty of having crucial conversations.

Their interview includes:

  • Addressing Toxicity
  • Leadership Training
  • Employee Engagement

Rediscover Your Play’s workshops and interventions include reconnecting with organizational missions and values, discovering the “why” behind work, and fostering a healthier workplace culture.

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