Senior Accounting Specialist that addressed many criteria

Case Study:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Job Function: Finance / Accounting

A bioscience client needed a Senior Accounting Specialist who would provide day-to-day support to ensure the company’s finance and accounting department continued to run efficiently.

This position came with a few challenges.  We had to identify and recruit the ideal candidate for this role. In addition to the GAAP, G/L, AP and systems requirements, this position also reported to a manager that did not work onsite.  The candidate hired would need to work independently with little supervision.

The client also did not want any interruption in their process, the position was a replacement for someone who was leaving the company less than three weeks from the onset of the search.

Top Source Talent worked with the client’s Hiring Manager to establish strategy for identifying qualified and accessible candidates.   The search was successful.  The top candidate recruited and placed with the client company met the position requirements and was an ideal cultural fit.  The Sr. Accounting Specialist promoted quickly after being with the company a short time, and succeeded the manager that she was hired to work with.

Solution Highlights

  • Partnered with the client to identify all the extensive criteria of the position
  • Created a framework of key resources for identifying top candidates
  • Conducted a comprehensive search to source and recruit top potential candidates
  • Utilized proprietary industry recruitment tools to screen and qualify the best-in-class candidates for the position

 The Opportunity

Top Source Talent understands that Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) continues to evolve as new technologies and ever-changing workforces drive the increase in demand for sustainable employee solutions. The success and growth of a client’s organization depends on the quality of the talent that you hire today.

The client came to Top Source Talent looking to fill a pivotal position to ensure the company’s finance and accounting department continued to run efficiently. The search required rapid deployment of our RPO skills.

Top Source Talent not only delivered a highly qualified candidate but did it promptly to ensure no disruption internally for the finance and accounting department. Top Source Talent has partnered with many of our clients to fill general & administration (G&A) roles that maintain business continuity for HR, Legal, Finance / Accounting, and IT.


This Top Source Talent bioscience client provides high quality products using pure ingredients from sustainable sources with no compromise. They share the same philosophy when it comes to filling positions. Finding talent to fill the needs of this company and others like them, is vital to the success of our clients’ businesses.


In-depth engagement and search skills – Top Source Talent’s comprehensive consultation and advisory services provide our clients with assurance that the Top Source Talent team understands the needs and goals of the client; the resources and knowledge to identify the skills and qualifications for top candidates that align with their specific roles; and the correct methods and tools needed to get the position filled promptly.

Comprehensive Searches – Top Source Talent knows that most positions require more research and pursuit than just posting a Position Description on your website. After assessing a specific search, Top Source Talent employs custom search strategies, including diversity focused non-traditional resources for identifying ideal candidates.

Comprehensive Candidate Screening – Top Source Talent has over 150 years combined professional experience, creating confidence for our clients. Our successful candidate identification and recruitment processes attract the highest qualified candidates while addressing key criteria and requirements for the client.


Acquisition Performance: Long-term expertise in the Recruitment Industry; knowledge and utilization of key resources and industry tools.  Top Source Talent provided expeditious results for their client, and was able to meet or exceed client expectations to fill a key position within the desired timeline.

Highlight Match: Utilizing a thorough candidate screening process, Top Source Talent identified and recruited a top-notch candidate with the preferred accounting skills and industry experience for the role. The candidate was also an excellent cultural fit for the organization, and has since become a leader for their finance and accounting team.

Non-Traditional Sourcing: Top Source Talent recognized the need for a unique approach and customized the search strategy for this accounting position. Working with our client we re-evaluated the position qualifications and skills. We expanded our search beyond individuals working in the biosciences industry and found the ideal candidate who was working in the industry as independent consultant.