Senior Level Software Engineer for Surgical Cyber-Security

Case Study:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Industry Focus: Medical Technology

A global medical technology firm which helps over 75 million people annually, had months of no activity on a search to identify a Senior Software Systems Engineer. The person hired for this role develops cyber-security software for Software Imagery Guidance for Neuro and Orthopedic surgeries.

Similar to a car or mobile Global Positioning System (GPS), image-guided software used during spine and brain surgeries uses cameras or electromagnetic fields to capture and relay the patient’s anatomy and the surgeon’s precise operative procedures in the operating room. These sophisticated computerized systems are used before and during surgery to help orient the surgeon with three-dimensional images of the patient’s anatomy and are often deployed over Wi-Fi protocols.

Since this level of imagery guided software is relatively new to the medical device community, the search for a Software Development expert in the area of cyber-security at this level created challenges in filling the position.  A candidate hired for this role must have in-depth experienced relative to this technology, be adept at working proficiently with the medical device company and surgical teams to develop security protocols that protect the software during highly-sensitive surgeries.

Top Source Talent worked with the client’s Talent Acquisition (TA) and hiring teams to identify multiple candidates for this role. Within a six-week period, Top Source Talent was able to recruit and hire the top candidate for this unique position.

Solution Highlights

  • Partnered with the client to strategically review the requirements for the position
  • Created a framework of key resources for identifying top candidates
  • Conducted a comprehensive search to source and recruit top potential candidates
  • Utilized proprietary industry recruitment tools to screen and qualify the best-in-class candidates for the position.

 The Opportunity

Top Source Talent (TST) understands that Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) continues to evolve as new technologies and ever-changing workforces increase the demand for sustainable employee solutions. The success and growth of a client’s organization depends on the quality of the talent that you hire today.

The client came to TST to fill a fundamental position after months of no activity from their job posting.

TST not only filled the position but did it promptly and efficiently. Since 2008, TST continues to partner with this client year after year to find their top talent for very challenging, hard-to-fill roles.


This TST medical technology client provides life saving devices and services all across the globe. Finding talent to fill the needs of this company is vital for their operations. We partner with various department hiring teams and internal Talent Acquisition professionals to provide the instrumental services and resources needed for completing the task expeditiously and efficiently.


In-depth engagement and search skills – TST’s comprehensive consultation and advisory services provide our clients with assurance that our team understands the company’s business, products and culture. TST has expertise in identifying the skills of ideal candidates that meet the qualifications for unique and specific roles, and the experience needed to get the position filled promptly.

Comprehensive Candidate Screening – TST has over 150 years combined professional experience, providing us the capability to create a streamline process that ensures best candidate recruitment for hard-to-fill positions. Working with TST, our clients gain space and time for exploration and innovation.


Acquisition Performance – Long-term expertise in the Recruitment Industry; knowledge and utilization of key resources and industry tools; and expeditious results for the client.

Cost Savings & Efficiency – TST uses a collaborative team approach for high volume and hard-to-fill searches using an expeditious and efficient process.  This process allowed our client to focus energy on innovation and productivity versus time spent seeking top talent.

Highlight Match – Utilizing a thorough candidate screening process, TST identified and recruited a top-notch candidate with the technical expertise and qualifications needed to secure the software applications.

“The [Top Source Talent] team did a great job identifying top talent for very difficult to fill roles. They kept us informed of progress and provided detailed information regarding the candidates identified. We have been able to make a couple of hires through their efforts.”

– Client