Specialized Sourcing Position for Life Saving Medical Devices

Case Study:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Industry Focus: Medical Technology

A global medical technology firm which helps over 75 million people annually, was challenged to find a Senior Strategic Tissue Sourcing Specialist with expertise in porcine valves which are used for human Heart Valve replacements.  

These specialized heart valves come from a special breed of Sus Scrofa Domesticus (pig). The person hired for the Senior Strategic Tissue Sourcing Specialist position had to be an expert in this field and know the supply chain resources to work with, especially since many resources were struggling with a pig virus at the time that was affecting this specialized supply chain.

Top Source Talent worked with the client’s Hiring Team and Talent Acquisition (TA) organization to identify candidates for this role and were able to recruit and hire the top candidate for the organization.

Solution Highlights

  • Partnered with the client to strategically review the needs for the position
  • Create a framework of key resources for identifying top candidates
  • Conducted a comprehensive search to source and recruit top potential candidates
  • Utilized proprietary industry recruitment tools to screen and qualify the best-in-class candidates for the position

 The Opportunity

Top Source Talent understands that Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) continues to evolve as new technologies and ever-changing workforces drive the increase in demand for sustainable employee solutions. The success and growth of a client’s organization depends on the quality of the talent that you hire today.

The Client came to Top Source Talent looking to fill a vital position for a specialized position that required in-depth research and an exhaustive, thorough search.

Top Source Talent not only filled the position but did it promptly and efficiently. Since 2008, Top Source Talent continues to partner with this client year after year to find their top talent for very challenging, hard-to-fill roles.


This Top Source Talent medical technology client provides life saving devices and services all across the globe. Finding talent to fill the needs of this company, and others like them, is vital. We have partnered with various department Hiring Teams and internal Talent Acquisition professionals to provide the services and resources they need that are instrumental in completing the task expeditiously and efficiently.


In-depth engagement and search skills – Top Source Talent’s comprehensive consultation and advisory services provides our clients with assurance that the Top Source Talent team understand the needs and goals of the client; the skills and qualifications of an ideal candidate for their specific role; and the correct methods needed to get the position filled promptly.

Comprehensive Candidate Screening – Top Source Talent has over 150 years combined professional experience, providing us with the advantage to create a streamline process that ensures we identify the best candidate for hard-to-fill positions, allowing the client to focus on innovation and productivity.


Acquisition Performance: Long-term expertise in the Recruitment Industry, as well as knowledge and utilization of key resources and industry tools.

Note: Top Source Talent was able to provide swift results for their client increasing the hiring cycle time 380%, compared to the time it would take the company to perform the work internally.

Cost Savings & Efficiency: Top Source Talent uses a collaborative team approach to complete high-volume and hard-to-fill searches using an expeditious and efficient process.  The Top Source Talent sourcing and recruitment process allows our clients to focus their energy on innovation and productivity.

Match: Utilizing a thorough candidate screening process, Top Source Talent identified and recruited a top-notch candidate with the specialized skills and qualifications needed for this very specific position, while navigating market volatility and disruption to the supply chain.

“Top Source Talent is enthusiastic, engaging, energetic …when they focus on requests, and searches – it’s almost like they are on a quest…exploring, searching, networking…and find possible matches of talented people with opportunities, creating situations where the employer and the new employee are winners. It is obvious that they enjoy and are passionate in ongoing “quests for the best” – and they are wonderful at their job!”

– Client