Talent Toolkit: Unlocking the Secrets of Precision Hiring

Episode 15


Alex Godfrey

El Toro, National Account Executive

Join Denise Chaffin, President of Top Source Talent, as she interviews Alex Godfrey from El Toro, an innovative ad tech firm. Alex shares his entrepreneurial journey and passion for technology before diving into El Toro’s groundbreaking IP targeting method. With 16 patents in the space, El Toro has revolutionized digital advertising by delivering ads directly to households, ensuring maximum impact and transparency for clients. From solving the attribution problem to their presence in various industries, including employee recruitment and healthcare, Alex discusses the future of advertising and the innovative methods El Toro employs to help businesses maximize their return on ad spend.

Key Episode Segments:

  1. El Toro’s unique IP targeting method for delivering ads directly to households & solving the attribution problem and providing transparency for clients.
  2. El Toro’s presence across various industries, including employee recruitment and healthcare.

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