The Art of Seduction in Recruitment

Episode 11


Jim D’Amico

Director Shoreside Talent Acquisition
Holland American Group


Taylor Franco

Talent Acquisition Manager
Holland American Group

Join Denise Chaffin, president of Top Sauce Talent, as she hosts Taylor Franco and Jim D’Amico from Holland America Princess in a deep dive into seasonal hiring for hospitality roles in Alaska. From crafting compelling job postings to fostering career growth opportunities, Taylor and Jim share insights into Holland America Princess’s innovative recruitment methods and collaborative hiring practices. Learn how they attract diverse talent across various roles and maintain engagement throughout the recruitment process.

Key Episode Segments:

  • Tailored Recruitment: Holland America Princess tailors job postings to different personas, emphasizing candidate-centric approaches.
  • Unique Perks: Offering incentives like a free cruise after 400 hours of work attracts seasonal workers.
  • Organic Career Growth: Seasonal workers have opportunities for transition to full-time roles within the company, fostering retention.
  • Innovative Methods: IP targeting, venue replay, and bus ads are among the innovative recruitment methods employed.
  • Collaborative Hiring: Partnership between talent acquisition and hiring teams is crucial for recruitment success, emphasizing continuous improvement.

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