The Power Suit of 2020, PANTS OPTIONAL

Position Yourself for Success

As dress-for-success styles evolve over time, one fashion trend that prevails is the power suit.  Whether you are male or female, wearing a power suit creates a mindset of confidence and success, and engenders a ‘Can Do’ attitude!

While 2020 has unsettled our lives like never before, the world still turns.  We must continue advancing. Throughout this challenging year, our resilience as people is obvious.  Over the last 10 months, we have positively accelerated change at a much faster pace than anticipated.

One positive and accelerated change is remote work.

Remote work settings have increased 159% since 2005 and continues to increase.

However, even with this upward increase there were a number of misconceptions prior to 2020 about people working remotely.  Some of these misconceptions and arguments to the contrary included:

Employers worried that remote workers were less productive

However, 77% of remote employees say they are more productive when working from home.

More Productive | 77%
Same or Less Productive | 23%

Remote workers feel 13% more engaged than office workers

remote workers | 32%
office workers | 28%

Meetings are less effective with remote employees

But, we’ve learned that employees actually have a stronger sense of belonging when working remotely and use video conferencing for meetings than when onsite; 87% of remote employees say they feel more connected and involved with teams and projects and they feel like their opinions and suggestions add more value.

More Connected | 87%
Same or Less Connected | 13%

55% of business say remote meetings increase employee engagements

Increased Engagement | 55%
Same or Less Engagement | 45%

Remote work impedes efficiency and productivity

To the contrary, 85% of businesses confirm that productivity has increased in their company due to increased remote work flexibility.

Increased Productivity | 85%
Same or Less Productivity | 15%

65% of remote workers are more productive in their home office

More Productive | 65%
Same or Less Productive | 35%

Company culture is diminished by people working remotely

However, 90% of employees say flexible / remote work arrangements increases morale

Increased Morale | 90%
Same or Less Morale | 10%

80% of remote workers experience less job stress

Less Stress | 80%
Same or Less Stress | 20%

2020 has obliterated these misconceptions.

With modern tools and resources, remote workers are more efficient and successful than their on-site counterparts. The advent of digital technology makes this possible through video conferencing. Video conferencing allows us to stay connected, boosts productivity, and collaborative teamwork.

As we increase the use of video conferencing for meetings, interviews, virtual-conferences, and one-on-one discussions, we must considering the power suit of 2020 – Lighting!

Yes, lighting!   As with traditional business attire, using the right lighting projects confidence and professionalism during video meetings. The right lighting reflects a multi-dimensional, professional presence.

Lighting doesn’t have to be expensive. For mobile phones there are ring lights that use LEDs for projecting light and for laptop and desktop users there are small LED lights that attach to a laptop screen or desktop monitor.

Pants Optional

Working from home still requires some level of professional work attire for video meetings.  Although on-site professional apparel is not required for remote work, be careful not to risk an embarrassing moment.  If you do forgo slacks or skirts in favor of pajama bottoms, keep this in mind while on camera.  If you stand up at some point during a meeting while donning plaid pj’s, your professional look could be compromised.

Keep it Simple

Use a neutral background for videos. Put the focus on you not on your background. However don’t be afraid to mix it up with a fun background when you have been meeting with the same group.

On the Level

Keep your video meeting at eye level – no one wants to see the inside of your nostrils on a call (yes that happens). Use books or boxes to set your camera at eye level where you are not looking up or down.

"Eye" See You

Make eye contact during video calls by looking at the camera. Eye contact will keep you focused on the call and helps avoid distractions. With increased opportunities to work remotely, mastering eye-contact skills will improve your connectiveness during video meetings and beyond.

Experience the Difference

Find out how Top Source Talent has mastered remote working skills long before 2020. We use our expansive remote experience to generate hiring success for our clients in today’s market.

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