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Every successful business knows the importance of having a strong accounting and finance team. Top Source Talent is available to support your recruitment and staffing needs from CFO to junior level accounting and finance positions.  We service many industries and recognize the value of hiring candidates that have specific skills and experience tied to client industries.   We also have proven success identifying and recruiting candidates with transferrable skills for new industries.

Working with Top Source Talent gives our clients peace of mind, and more time to focus on revenue generating activities for their companies.

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Case Study

Following is a recent case study where a Top Source Talent client had a specific need for a Senior Accounting Specialist.  The search was successful and addressed key requirements for the role including in-depth qualifications, rapid results and a smooth transition.

Top Source Talent is a recognized recruitment resource for accounting and finance positions for any industry.  Our experience with G&A (General and Administration) recruitment and search covers Finance and Accounting, Human Resources (HR), IT, and Legal positions across all industries and sectors.

67% faster

The industry average for identifying qualified, interested candidates for client searches is 4-6 week.

Top Source Talent has a proven track record for successfully identifying ideal candidates in 2-3 weeks.

34% higher

Top Source Talent leverages a strategic approach to achieve a higher response rate to find your ideal candidates.

We use a proven successful marketing approach for branding client companies and providing key position data.

300%+ increase

The recruitment and hiring processes require a high level of efficiency and responsiveness.  This emphasis ensures increased productivity and cost-savings to your company.

Top Source Talent has a long-standing reputation of performing hard-to-fill searches with expeditious and conclusive results. Our team works with our clients to lower recruitment and hiring cycle times, increasing productivity, revenues and success.   

Why use Top Source Talent?

Top Source Talent uses direct-contact sourcing strategies for identifying and recruiting top candidates.

Candidates who are contacted directly for a position are more than 2x likely to accept a client offer, versus candidates who apply directly to the same position.

Direct-contact sourcing fills positions faster than relying on company website applicants.

Top Source Talent clients contact us for immediate hiring needs. Partnering with TST increases candidate pipeline volume, and improves time-to-fill metrics for hiring. Shorter hiring cycles increases company production and revenues.

Direct-sourced candidates are more qualified for client positions than inbound applicants by 54%.

Ensuring candidates are qualified for a specific position is a crucial step for an efficient hiring process. TST uses a proven method to vet potential candidates before they are presented to hiring teams for review.

A brief snapshot of our company services: The Top Source Talent team utilizes a proprietary applicant tracking system (ATS), competitive industry tools, talent-focused associations, diversity-targeted networks, a professional referral database, and the use of competitor websites. These tools enable effective, successful sourcing and recruitment for best-in-class candidates for client hiring requirements.

Find out more about the Top Source Talent Advantage.

“The [Top Source Talent] team did a great job identifying top talent for very difficult to fill roles. They kept us informed of progress and provided detailed information regarding the candidates identified. We have been able to make a couple of hires through their efforts.”

– Medtronic / Santa Rosa, CA

“Great to work with. I have worked on and off with this company now over the last 18 years. Very reliable and has proven success with our company time and time again. Top Source Talent is well networked and knows the business well. I would highly recommend as a recruiter.”

– Equinix / Redwood City, CA

“Top Source Talent is enthusiastic, engaging  energetic …when they focus on requests, and searches – it’s almost like they are on a quest…exploring, searching, networking…and find possible matches of talented people with opportunities, creating situations where the employer and the new employee are winners. It is obvious that they enjoy and are passionate in ongoing “quests for the best” – and they are wonderful at their job!”

– Medtronic / Tempe, AZ

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