The Renewable Energy Industry – Hiring Trends

Top Source Talent LLC has spent the last 6 months researching the Renewable Energy Industry hiring trends. We heard rumors that the Renewable Energy Market is surging, and we all need to ride the wave of this industry for a number of reasons:

Renewable Energy or Alternative Energy, as it’s sometimes known, isn’t just solar. Besides the well-known solar market, which includes photovoltaic (PV), thermal, and passive solar, the Renewable Energy industry includes wind, hydroelectric, hydrogen & fuel cells, biomass (from plants), geothermal and tidal power, to name the top-known sources.
Batteries and Storage. As the Renewable Energy industry heats up (yes, a pun) the battery and energy storage markets will grow and expand as well. Companies responsible for producing alternative forms of energy, will need resources to store this energy. The industry storage leaders who are developing long-life batteries for the Renewable Energy and energy-efficient Automotive industries are amongst the top contenders for expansion, job creation, growth and economic development.
Off-Shore wind farms are on the rise, and horizon. This newer market is an incredible path to utilizing wind energy without the need to purchase real-estate. Some great information is available on this renewable / alternative source of energy at the website.

According to the website, “…nearly 1 million Americans are working near- or full-time in the energy efficiency, solar, wind, and alternative vehicles sectors. This is almost five times the current employment in the fossil fuel electric industry, which includes coal, gas, and oil workers”.

Looking at #4 alone, seeking top talent for the various Renewable Energy markets will be an increasing challenge as this industry expands. Even with the pushbacks from Washington DC, the Renewable Energy industry is expanding at a very rapid pace. Let’s look at this realistically… who wants to work in a coal mine? What person in his/her right mind wouldn’t prefer a job above ground in the Renewable Energy space vs. a subterranean job in a dirty coal mine?

Our Top Source Talent, LLC team is researching, networking and collaborating with companies coast-to-coast in an effort to expand our own outreach for sourcing and recruitment support in the expanding Renewable and Alternative Energy markets. We are thrilled to see this new wave of job creation and economic development, while saving the planet at the same time. It’s a win-win for every person, animal and plant.

Contact us for more information on how we can help with your recruiting needs in the Renewable and Alternative Energy sectors.

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